Fortune Wrist Wishes Red Seven Knotted Luck Bracelet With Fortune Note Card

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Luck Bracelet from the YoursNotably Fortune Wrist Wishes Collection. Each knot on this bracelet symbolizes a layer of protection and a beacon for attracting fortune. Made from adjustable nylon cord, this piece combines comfort with durability, making it your perfect companion for any adventure.

  • Included Fortune Note Card: Watch for the next opportunity; luck hides in the least expected places.
  • Mystery Numbers: Alongside your fortune, receive six mystery numbers, adding an element of mystery.
  • Design: Features seven carefully tied knots, each representing a symbol of luck and protection.
  • A thoughtful, inspiring gift that offers both encouragement and a hint of destiny.
  • Carry a piece of luck wherever you go with this beautifully crafted bracelet. Whether you're embarking on a new venture or navigating your daily routine, let this bracelet be a constant reminder that opportunity is only a moment away.